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Crossword Answers : Outcomes
ENDS Outcomes
ISSUES Outcomes
ENDPLAY Outcomes
ENDOR Outcomes
RESULTS Outcomes
UPSHOTS Outcomes
RESTUFF Outcomes
FIXEDFIGHTS *Matches with known outcomes
SPARES Acceptable bowling outcomes
SPAR Acceptable bowling outcomes
TIED Anticlimactic court outcomes
TIEGAMES Anticlimactic court outcomes
PROGNOSES Assessments of likely outcomes
TIPTOPRESULTS Best possible outcomes
HOLES Boring outcomes?
TKOS Bout outcomes briefly
TKOS Bout outcomes: abbr.
SPLITDECISIONS Boxing match outcomes
TKOS Boxing outcomes for short
TKOS Boxing outcomes
DRAWS Boxing outcomes
TKOS Boxing outcomes, for short
TKOS Boxing outcomes: Abbr
TKOS Boxing outcomes: Abbr.
SETS Bridge outcomes
TIES Certain game outcomes
DATES Coffee Meets Bagel outcomes often
NORMS Conventional outcomes
FATE Decider of outcomes
ENDS Desired outcomes
HOPES Desired outcomes
HOPEDIAMOND Desired outcomes
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