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Crossword Answers : Humorous
FUNNY Humorous
COMIC Humorous
DROLL Humorous
JOCOSE Humorous
JINKS Humorous
WITTY Humorous
AMUSING Humorous
JOCULAR Humorous
NOCAN ___ do (humorous refusal)
HAHA ___ funny (genuinely humorous)
HAGS ___ funny (genuinely humorous)
BERT ___ is Evil (humorous website)
EATS "___ Shoots & Leaves" (humorous punctuation diatribe)
NOCAN "___ do" (humorous refusal)
BERT "___ is Evil" (humorous website)
BIPEDS "Featherless ___" (humorous definition of "human beings")
HAHA "How humorous!"
AUTOMOBILES "Humorous People in ___ Acquiring Caffeinated Drinks" (Jerry Seinfeld series whose name I might be remembering incorrectly)
ARE "Pie ___ square" (humorous description of a Sicilian pizza)
ISI "Woe ___" (humorous grammar book)
FUNNYBONE *Not-so-humorous humerus spot
EROO A humorous slang suffix
ERODENT A humorous slang suffix.
HOAX Act of humorous or malicious deception
SKITTISH adj. pert. to humorous vignettes
BRINKLEY Author of humorous best seller
BRINES Author of humorous best seller.
JEST Be humorous
SPIFLICATE Bewilder: Humorous
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