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Crossword Answers : Fossil fuel
CNOTE Fossil fuel
GAS Fossil fuel
PEAT Fossil fuel
OTTO Fossil fuel
COAL Fossil fuel
OIL Fossil fuel
ALAMO Fossil fuel
OHMAGE Fossil fuel
CNN Fossil fuel
PEASE ___ Porridge Hotâ€‌ nyt 2004 PEASOUPER Dense fog nyt 2004 PEAT Everglades deposit nyt 2004 PEAT Vegetable matter nyt 2004 PEATBOG Organic fuel source nyt 2004 PEATS Fossil fuel blocks nyt 200
COALDEPOSIT *Fossil fuel source
CNOTE A fossil fuel
COAL A fossil fuel
COAL Certain fossil fuel
COALCOALITION Diverse group united around fossil fuel?
NATURALRESOURCE Fossil fuel e.g.
PEATS Fossil fuel blocks
COALCAR Fossil fuel carrier
COALBIN Fossil fuel container
ACIDRAIN Fossil fuel fallout
SEABEE Fossil fuel found in coastal veins
SEACOAL Fossil fuel found in coastal veins
SEACOAL Fossil fuel found on coasts
COALER Fossil fuel freighter
CMI Fossil fuel freighter
COALER Fossil fuel hauler
SOOT Fossil fuel residue
SOO Fossil fuel residue
COALER Fossil fuel transport
NATURALRESOURCE Fossil fuel, e.g.
BIGOIL Fossil-fuel giants collectively
COALER Fossil-fuel hauler
CLEAN Natural gas is a ___-burning fossil fuel
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