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Crossword Answers : Entreaty
INTO Entreaty
CRY Entreaty
PLEA Entreaty
PLANON Entreaty
PIXIE Entreaty
PLAYS Entreaty
PLAY Entreaty
APPEAL Entreaty
APPALL Entreaty
PLEAD Entreaty
PRAYER Entreaty
ADOLL "Be ___..." (words of entreaty)
GOASYOUPLEA *Copycat's entreaty before a costume party?
PLE 3/4 of an entreaty
Apophthegmatical A call upon a person or an authority for proof or decision, in one's favor; reference to another as witness; a call for help or a favor; entreaty.
LOVEMELENDER A mortgage applicant's bank entreaty?
ACT Ad entreaty
BUY Ad entreaty
ACTNOW Ad entreaty
ADOLL Be ___... (words of entreaty)
EMAILME Business card entreaty
DONTERASE Chalkboard entreaty left for custodial staff
DONATE Charity drive entreaty
PLEA Court entreaty
COMETOPAPA Crapshooter's entreaty
ADAMANT Deaf to entreaty
OBDURATE Deaf to entreaty
ADAM Deaf to entreaty.
OBAN Deaf to entreaty.
EAT Dinner entreaty
PRAYER Divine entreaty
PLEA Earnest entreaty
PLANAR Earnest entreaty
Playsuit Earnest entreaty
SNOBAPPEAL Elitist's court entreaty?
PLEA Entered entreaty
TAKEAKNEE Entreaty for a spouse's emigration to Central America?
TAKEMYWIFEBELIZE Entreaty for a spouse's emigration to Central America?
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