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Crossword Answers : Croon
SING Croon
SCAT Cool cat's croon
IMNOFOOL Cricket's croon
SING Croon a tune
CORONA Croon about a circle of light
SERB Croon beneath a balcony
PURR Kitty's contented croon
LUNETTE Messent croon
SINGININTIN Movie featuring performers who croon into cans? (Greek marriage)
MEMORIES Opening croon of "The Way We Were"
ASOLO Sing -- (croon alone)
ASITIS Sing -- (croon alone)
ASKSIN Sing -- (croon alone)
ASOLO Sing -- (croon by oneself)
ASKSOUT Sing -- (croon by oneself)
CRISTO The Count lat 1998 CRO ____ -Magnon lat 1998 CRO ____ Magnon lat 1998 CRO ____ Magnon lat 1998 CROAT Chap from Zagreb lat 1998 CROC Capt. Hook's stalker lat 1998 CROON Sing like Bing lat 1998
LOVERS Tune to croon
LOVESONG Tune to croon
DUET Tune two croon
ALLEYS Where cats croon
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