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? What do you know about Resident Evil 2 - Can you kill the famous tyrant

We summarize for you today Aida things important to get a number of tips in terms of how to avoid, and where and when you can confront the tyrant , and how to defeat the tyrant?

 How to deal with the tyrant

Beware and escape from tyrant

Do not be afraid of the tyrant when you are close to them and do not get upset, but try to keep your ammunition and your health and run away when you see it

And do not try to kill the tyrant and say that you are free of them and consume your ammunition and your health.

The tyrant stops moving for a certain time when the tyrant is exposed to enough damage, but this will consume you ammunition.

The strategy is best suited for bringing you tyrant into open space

If you encounter the tyrant, we advise you to go to an open place, where the tyrant moves slowly and is easier to avoid through its sides

Avoid shooting only when zoom

The tyrant has the ability to move through the map and listens to any hints about your place, including shots when you hear his footsteps and when the musician changes, be ready to escape and avoid fighting.

Rooms that the tyrant can not enter

The secret police room is a room under the goddess statue which requires opening 3 medals.

2F STARS Police Office Room in West Wing 2F.

3F Clock Tower Police Station You can use this room when you are chasing in RPD 3F.

Each point saves all rooms with typewriter except the main hall

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